St. Jerome in his Study (1440–1470) by Niccolò Antonio Colantonio

The Bibliographia would like to take the initiative of making some philosophical texts available in English. The most examined works in the history of philosophy are often translated to many different languages and some of them to a single language in multiple different times. It is impossible here to decide whether the availability of these translations or the excellence of the original has contributed to their wider dissemination throughout ages. But it is an important mission as students of philosophy to make excellent texts in the history of philosophy available in our language and stimulate the furtherance of our fruitful studies related to these texts. We believe that this process will not only make us more knowledgeable of these relatively neglected works, but also contribute to the enrichment of our culture.The list of our translation works is the following.

Nishida Kitarō:

On Reading (読書),” in Nishida Kitarō Zenshū (Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 1965–6) 13: 106–108.

After the Great Earthquake (大震災の後に),” in Nishida Kitarō Zenshū (Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 1965–6), 13:128–29.

Émile Lasbax: